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Errors in the 9/11 Commission Report

October 15, 2020: Revisiting the staged 2011 execution of an alleged terrorist leader

Bin laden never admitted to any involvement in 9/11

" 'I would like to assure the world that I did not plan the recent attacks, which seems to have been planned by people for personal reasons,' bin Laden's statement said. "

CNN 9/17/01

There are two aspects of evidence pointing to Bin Laden's guilt.
One is interrogation evidence, gathered under torture

"No good intelligence is going to come from abusive practices."

—Lieutenant General John Kimmons
Defense Department News Briefing on Detainee Policies
Washington Post 9/6/2006

The 9/11 Commission report admits
there is fault with this interrogation evidence

"Our access to them has been limited to the review of intelligence reports based on communications received from the locations where the actual interrogations take place. We submitted questions for use in the interrogations, but had no control over whether, when, or how questions of particular interest would be asked. Nor were we allowed to talk to the interrogators so that we could better judge the credibility of the detainees and clarify ambiguities in the reporting."

9/11 Commission Report, Chapter 5, page 146

The only other evidence linking 9/11 to Bin Laden
was the "Smoking Gun" video--
Compare Bin Laden's health and appearance in contrast
to other videos at the same time period

"This is a man who was clearly not well. I mean, as you see from these pictures here, he's really, by December he's looking pretty terrible. But by December, of course, that tape that was aired then, he's barely moving the left side of his body. So he's clearly got diabetes. He has low blood pressure. He's got a wound in his foot. He's apparently got dialysis ... for kidney problems."

CNN 2/1/2002 Refering to Dec 7 , 2001 images

Younger Bin Laden

Sick, thin
Confession video
Allegedly 11/9/01

Not only is this "smoking gun" confession not Bin Laden,
but the translations don't make sense!

"A GERMAN TV show found that the White House's translation of the 'confession' video was not only inaccurate, but even 'manipulative'. "

At some moments, he is eating with his mouth full,
for long periods, clearly saying nothing,
While the text continously scrolls alleged confessions

Other tapes released after 2001, usually just audio,
have just been faked

"Bin Laden tape a fake, Swiss lab says"

—Associated Press 11/28/2002

What happened to the real Bin Laden,
back in December, 2001?

" 'I think now, frankly, he is dead for the reason he is a ... kidney patient,' Gen. Pervez Musharraf said on Friday in an interview with CNN."

—CNN January 19, 2002

"FBI counterterrorism chief Dale Watson said Wednesday he believes Osama bin Laden is dead"

—CBS July 17, 2002

What's the common denominator between: a fake hunt for 9/11 hijackers, a fake hunt for a fake Bin Laden, a Hollywood movie, and torturing suspects to force false confessions?

"The report singles out the female expert as a key apologist for the program, stating that she repeatedly told her superiors and others — including members of Congress — that the “torture” was working and producing useful intelligence, when it was not. She wrote the “template on which future justifications for the CIA program and the CIA’s enhanced interrogation techniques were based,” it said....She was criticized after 9/11 terrorist attacks for countenancing a subordinate’s refusal to share the names of two of the hijackers with the FBI prior to the terror attacks.... But instead of being sanctioned, she was promoted.... The expert already survived one controversy; she came under harsh criticism after a subordinate on the bin Laden unit refused to share the names of two the 9/11 hijackers — Khalid al-Mihdhar and Nawaf al-Hazmi — with the FBI prior to the attacks, which was considered by the 9/11 Commission as a key intelligence failure."

—NBC December 18, 2014

Who was murdered on May 2, 2011?
A staged Hollywood event — for a staged Hollywood movie
Why was the DNA and corpse identification faked?

Vol. 37 No. 10 • 21 May 2015
London Review of Books
The Killing of Osama bin Laden
Seymour M. Hersh

The killing was the high point of Obama’s first term, and a major factor in his re-election. The White House still maintains that the mission was an all-American affair, and that the senior generals of Pakistan’s army and Inter-Services Intelligence agency (ISI) were not told of the raid in advance. This is false, as are many other elements of the Obama administration’s account.....‘The compound was not an armed enclave – no machine guns around, because it was under ISI control.’ .... The bin Laden compound was less than two miles from the Pakistan Military Academy, and a Pakistani army combat battalion headquarters was another mile or so away. Abbottabad is less than 15 minutes by helicopter from Tarbela Ghazi, an important base for ISI covert operations and the facility where those who guard Pakistan’s nuclear weapons arsenal are trained. ‘Ghazi is why the ISI put bin Laden in Abbottabad in the first place,’ the retired official said, ‘to keep him under constant supervision.’... ‘... It was clearly and absolutely a premeditated murder.’ A former Seal commander, who has led and participated in dozens of similar missions over the past decade, assured me that ‘we were not going to keep bin Laden alive – to allow the terrorist to live. By law, we know what we’re doing inside Pakistan is a homicide. We’ve come to grips with that. Each one of us, when we do these missions, say to ourselves, “Let’s face it. We’re going to commit a murder.”’ The White House’s initial account claimed that bin Laden had been brandishing a weapon; the story was aimed at deflecting those who questioned the legality of the US administration’s targeted assassination programme..... Some of the Seals were appalled later at the White House’s initial insistence that they had shot bin Laden in self-defence, the retired official said. ‘Six of the Seals’ finest, most experienced NCOs, faced with an unarmed elderly civilian, had to kill him in self-defence? ... It’s not because he was reaching for a weapon. The rules gave them absolute authority to kill the guy.’ The later White House claim that only one or two bullets were fired into his head was ‘bullshit’, the retired official said. ‘The squad came through the door and obliterated him....’ ....and
then to the claim that a DNA test had been performed on the corpse and demonstrated conclusively that the Seals had killed bin Laden
....Within days, some of the early exaggerations and distortions had become obvious and the Pentagon issued a series of clarifying statements. No, bin Laden was not armed when he was shot and killed. And no, bin Laden did not use one of his wives as a shield. ... ‘We were told at first,’ the retired official said, ‘that the Seals produced garbage bags of stuff and that the community is generating daily intelligence reports out of this stuff. And then we were told that the community is gathering everything together and needs to translate it. But nothing has come of it. Every single thing they have created turns out not to be true. It’s a great hoax – like the Piltdown man.’ The retired official said that most of the materials from Abbottabad were turned over to the US by the Pakistanis, who later razed the building. ....‘Why create the treasure trove story?’ the retired official said. ‘The White House had to give the impression that bin Laden was still operationally important. Otherwise, why kill him? A cover story was created – that there was a network of couriers coming and going with memory sticks and instructions. All to show that bin Laden remained important.’.... The reason for the lack of response became clear after the Pentagon held an inquiry into allegations that the Obama administration had provided access to classified materials to the makers of the film Zero Dark Thirty. The Pentagon report, which was put online in June 2013, noted that Admiral McRaven had ordered the files on the raid to be deleted from all military computers and moved to the CIA, where they would be shielded from FOIA requests by the agency’s ‘operational exemption’....The second consultant agreed that there had been ‘no burial at sea’. He added that ‘the killing of bin Laden was political theatre designed to burnish Obama’s military credentials ... The Seals should have expected the political grandstanding. It’s irresistible to a politician. Bin Laden became a working asset.’... The remains, including his head, which had only a few bullet holes in it, were thrown into a body bag and, during the helicopter flight back to Jalalabad, some body parts were tossed out over the Hindu Kush mountains – or so the Seals claimed.... We need a “functional body” because we have to be able to say we identified bin Laden via a DNA analysis. It would be navy officers who came up with the “burial at sea” idea. Perfect.... There never was a plan, initially, to take the body to sea, and no burial of bin Laden at sea took place.’

The Hollywood scene, where CIA agent and torture program architect "Maya" confirms the identity of the Bin Laden corpse, is a fictional scene. The murdered "third floor guy," allegedly Bin Laden, his "body parts were tossed out over the Hindu Kush mountains" while being transported from the compound back to Jalalabad to prevent authentication.

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