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History of False Flag Operations

In 1954, democratically elected President Jacobo Arbenz of Guatemala implemented FDR New Deal type reforms. So the CIA replaced Arbenz with a dictator and secretly supported decades of civil war and atrocities, murder.

[Oct 10 1952 document] Rather than setting up a Communist state, Arbenz desires to establish a "modern democracy" which would improve the lot of its people through paternalistic social reforms. Arbenz' personal idol is FDR and his reforms are patterned after New Deal reforms and adjusted to the backward economy and social structure of Guatemala. None of the reforms are substantially extreme as compared to many of those in the US, Europe, and even in other Latin American countries.

They hid their role, so the coup resembled a civil war instead.

[July 7 1952 document] All possible arms and equipment should be procured locally, but some materiel support will be required. Such materiel must be sterile and will not likely be of U.S. manufacture.
[October 4 1952 document] Any suggestion of overt invasion by outside nation must be avoided.

Head of the CIA, Allan Dulles as head of the CIA and John Foster Dulles as head of the State Department also served on the board for Wall Street companies that wanted regime change in Guatemala.

[November 14 1951 document] In a conversation with Dr. Dulles and other interested officials in the Agency, [REDACTED] acting as a spokesman for the United Fruit Company and the Electric Bond and Share Company, offered the facilities and personnel of these two organizations to assist the CIA in any current or proposed operations which we may conduct to combat the growth of Communism in Guatemala. CIA is very interested in this offer....

A false-flag narrative of Communism invasion was created by the CIA

[1953 PsyOps Propaganda document page 2] 6. Propaganda materials designed to excite discontent throughout Guatemala will be prepared and distributed. It will be aimed at low level targets, enlisted men and officers and special groups such as lawyers, students, etc.
7. Rumors and other propaganda materials will publicize any real or feasible possible threats to Guatemala which would tend to incite disloyalty to the ARBENZ regime.
8. Letters will be prepared by a group of Guatemalans in Mexico and mailed day-after-day to a selected list of military leaders in Guatemala. These letters will explain why materials are not forth-coming to the Guatemalan army -- putting the blame on the shoulders of the Communists in the Guatemalan government. Only solution offered will be deposing of Communist influence.
[1953 PsyOps Propaganda document page 3] 11. The spreading of rumors within the Guatemalan army will be continued throughout all phases. Several themes are suggested below, but will have to be played "by ear" on-the-spot at appropriate times:
Soviet officers are going to be sent over to check on ideological proficiency of Guatemalan officers;
Arbenz is planning, with the aid of FORTUNY, to establish a school for a Guatemalan NKVD. The graduates will be given high army rank and placed in charge of units.
The Communists are going to force all Catholic troops to leave the Church and join one which worships the memory of STALIN. Appeal to the Archbishop and tell your wives to get up a petition protesting atheist Communist policies.
[1953 PsyOps Propaganda document page 4] A letter from a Communist European front will ostensibly be mailed to FORTUNY, telling him that GUTIERREZ has been reporting to Moscow about the activities of FORTUNY and that unless GUTIERREZ can be silenced, FORTUNY may be purged.
[1953 PsyOps Propaganda document page 5] A "Communist cell" will be uncovered in Salvador which will contain: Plan for overthrow of Guatemalan military;
"Black" propaganda will proclaim the innocence of FORTUNY and put all the blame on GUTIERREZ, for the "Communist Cell." Black GUTIERREZ propaganda, if needed, will call for a vote of "no-confidence" in FORTUNY.
Aforementioned letters to leaders of the armed forces will continue to be mailed --- now varied to include quotes from the Communist cell material and guesses as to who would be liquidated if the Communists took over.
Communist "splinter group" mimeographed letters will be sent to non-Communist and Communist leaders pointing out all disagreements of USSR backed Commie and call for formation of a nationalist Communist Party resembling a communalism party set-up such as was had in pre-Spanish conquest days.

For decades after the 1953 coup, thousands were tortured and killed by CIA supported forces.

CIA: America's Secret Warriors (1997)
2:05:26 "For more than 40 years, the CIA helped the Guatemalan military fight a savage war against its own people."

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