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History of False Flag Operations

On June 8, 1967, Americans were attacked and killed in a surprise attack, meant to be blamed on Egypt.


According to the BBC Documentary, Dead in the Water,
"blame would naturally fall on Egypt and her Soviet backer".

BBC Documentary
Watch clip 44:40 - 52:00

45:18, George Golden, USS Liberty chief engineer: [William Loren] McGonagle told me "those SOBs really did us in, George." I said, "What are you talking about?"

BBC: McGonagle went on to say that if the Liberty had been sunk with all hands, the blame would naturally fall on Egypt and her Soviet backer.

George Golden, USS Liberty: We were guinea pigs to be sunk, and then we can say Egypt and Russia did it. And that way the United States could have stepped right in and helped Israel.

BBC: We found evidence that that this was part of a larger plan, hatched by Israeli and American Intelligence to invade Egypt and overthrow [Gamal Abdel] Nasser, a plan code named Cyanide. A key figure was James Angleton, Israel's closest friend in the CIA, and unique beneficiary of a memorial by Mossad. Jim Ennes first came across Cyanide almost by chance.

James Marquis Ennes, Jr., USS Liberty: I had gone to the LBJ library asking for all Liberty documents, and this one-page paper came out of nowhere: Minutes from the 303 Committee.

BBC: The 303 Committee was a secret group that used to meet at the old executive office building, around the corner from the White House.

Richard Helms (CIA director 1966-1973): The 303 committee was simply a device for examining covert operations of any kind, and making a judgment on behalf of the President so he wouldn't be nailed if it failed.

BBC: Here in April 1967, the committee met to discuss a sensitive defense department project. It would involve Liberty with a highly risky submarine operation to help Israel. Scribbled on the minutes is a note: "Submarine within UAR waters", another term for Egypt.

ENNES: Especially the fact that its in the Liberty file suggested that this had to do with the submarine that was near us and with Cyanide and all the other things.

BBC: ....Why was it being discussed a full two months in advance of the war (Six-Day War June 5-10 1967)?

303 Committee Document:

10 April 1967
Subject: Minutes of the Meeting of the 303 Committee 7 April 1967
PRESENT: Mr. Rostow, Ambassador Kohler, Mr. Vance and Admiral Taylor
General Ralph D. Seakley was present for Item 1.
Mr. William Broe was present for Item 2.
1. DOD Proposal
General Ralph D. Steakley briefed the committee on a sensitive DOD project known as FRONTLET 615 [codename for the pending war scheduled to begin June 15]. After a number of questions exploring alternative methods of satisfying the requirements and assessing the mission's current priority, the proposal was approved by the committee principals.
[ Submarine within UAR waters (Handwritten) ]

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