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World Trade Center 7

WTC 7, a building never hit by a plane, fell to the ground on 9/11

If this collapse was due to fire, as the government claims, then its the 3rd steel framed building in history to fall due to fire. The first two were the North and South towers earlier that day.

But this building was not hit by a plane. This building, WTC7, was not the closest building to the falling North and South towers. Yet this steel framed building fell to the ground.

WTC 7 report by National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

The 2008 NIST report on the 2001 WTC7 collapse claimed that office fires caused "steel floor beams and girders to thermally expand" for floor 13, causing steel column 79 to fail, and then the rest of the building caved in after one beam failed. Even NIST claims that this was an "extraordinary event", but it was the best they could do after 6 years of their investigation into the improbable collapse. This explanation in itself might be impossible, and the NIST calculations have been classified because disclosure of WTC7 data "might jeopardize public safety". Click for PDF of NIST response to data request.

However, even if it were true that office fires caused one beam to fail, it does not explain the collapse of WTC7, where the footage shows that all 82 steel columns failed simultaneously.

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