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Would steel framed buildings collapsed in this way
due to the plane's impact and fire?

The path of least resistence is to fall avoiding steel

South Tower collapses at 9:59 AM

Notice the building’s peak falls to one side. This is more logical than pulverizing through the steel beams within the building.

But then, the building's steel inner core gives way, and disintegrates. The building falls at the speed of a free fall object, with no resistence.

Can fire cause this type of collapse? How can this building collapse
at free fall speed, as if the steel frames had vanished?

Observe the Windsor Tower in Madrid burning in February 2005, left.

Compared to the World Trade Center fire above. Notice the woman standing in the wreckage. Is this fire hot enough to melt steel?

Madrid alert after skyscraper fire
Monday, February 14, 2005 Posted: 6:02 AM EST (1102 GMT)

MADRID, Spain -- The area surrounding a burned-out Madrid skyscraper remained cordoned off Monday amid concern the blackened hulk of wreckage could collapse.

As many as 100 firefighters worked 24 hours to extinguish the blaze in the city's eighth-tallest building, the 32-story Windsor Tower. The fire was said to be the worst in Madrid's history.

"Don't Fall Down," read Monday's front-page headline on the free newspaper Que given to morning subway and bus commuters.

The office tower was heavily damaged but did not collapse as feared.

The Windsor Tower in Madrid burned for over 24 hours,
but the steel frame did not give way, because steel's
melting temperature is much hotter than a building fire

Professor Put on Leave Over 9-11 Claim
Friday September 8, 2006 11:46 PM

PROVO, Utah (AP) - A professor who has suggested the World Trade Center was brought down by explosives has been placed on paid leave by Brigham Young University while the Mormon church-owned school investigates his claims.

His work focuses on the relatively narrow question of whether molten metal present at the World Trade Center site after the attacks is evidence that a high-temperature incendiary called thermite, which can be used to weld or cut metal, was involved in the twin towers' destruction.

He concludes thermite was present, suggesting someone might have used explosives to bring down the skyscrapers.

Why did firefighters witnesses explosives?

fireman 1: "We made it at least 2 blocks and we started running. Floor by floor started popping out."

fireman 2: "It was as if they had detonators,"

fireman 1: "Yeah, detonators."

fireman 2: "As if they had plans to take down the building. It went boom boom boom..."

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